Innovation Inc., of Birmingham, Alabama, has introduced a revolutionary new cell design and family of end-effectors for ultrasonic welding.  Partnering with Kawasaki Robotics (USA), Inc. and Dukane Corp., Innovation Inc. has incorporated industry leading technology with end-of-arm tooling never before seen in an ultrasonic welding application. Innovation, Inc. cell design

Recognizing that fixed automation has many limitations, e.g., product flexibility, the ability to adjust to customers varying product designs, and cost effective solutions, Innovation Inc. set forth with a mission to overcome these disadvantages. Kawasaki Robotics, with a full line of industry leading articulated robots, was able to support Innovation’s development options with a full range of robot models offering complete design flexibility.  Innovation's engineering team incorporated key features within the end-of-arm tooling that had never been seen before in the ultrasonic market place. 

The first result is a C-frame end-effector, “C-Sonic”, that incorporates closed loop weld process controls to ensure the weld process is completely stable.  Recognizing that initial price is a key consideration, a series of cells were designed to eliminate custom design engineering, which helps provide a reasonable initial purchase price.  These design considerations add up to a product that has an excellent life cycle return on investment and only requires minor programming and retooling when product mix or specifications change.

Included with the cell is a Kawasaki F-Series robot with industry leading reliability, a state of the art Dukane power source and horn, and an Innovation designed end-of-arm tool. 

The unique C-Frame design of the tool provides rigidity during the weld process.  The tool features an integrated linear displacement transducer, a force transducer, and weld energy sensing, allowing for adaptive process feedback.  Taking full advantage of this process feedback, software working with proportional pressure regulation provides real-time weld control of force, time, distance or energy parameters as a standard offering.

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Innovation, Inc. C-Sonic end effector

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