jeff dukane
Innovation is working to develop relationships with representatives and other firms having similar business strategies in venues that compliment Innovation's. Innovation is pleased to present information on our "partner" firms. These are firms that are committed to working with Innovation in an endeavor to bring our customers the best solutions for their manufacturing needs. Each of these firms brings significant value and expertise to our relationship.
Kawasaki Robotics is a leading supplier of industrial robots and automation systems with robot payloads ranging from 3 kg to 500 kg. We service a wide range of industries and applications. Our commitment to quality and constant improvement has enabled us to become one of the leading robot suppliers in the world, with over 22,000 units installed in North America and over 75,000 units installed worldwide.
Dukane Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer and marketer of advanced technology products. A privately held corporation for more than 80 years, Dukane is organized according to three divisions which offer such diverse products as audio visual presentation products, underwater location devices and ultrasonic thermal and friction assembly systems. Dukane’s principal manufacturing and distribution facility is located in the Chicago western suburb of St. Charles, Illinois.
A Cleveland, Ohio based firm that is dedicated to the development of finishing system automation. Their software and touch screen programming terminal provide an easy intuitive interface to production personnel to program robotic finishing systems. They can supply programmable gun movers with up to five axes.
A Shawnee Mission, Kansas based firm that is a distributor and integrator of finishing systems. IFS distributes a titanium composite washer in multiple stages. They can provide fully engineered finishing systems to include, automated paint and powder coating, electro deposition and environmental rooms.
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